The stand out star of this awards season has undoubtably been Lupita Nyong’o as Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony cemented her position as the oscar nominee we most want to hang out with (sorry Jennifer Lawrence!)

Here’s five reasons why we’re head over heels for Lupita…

1. The fashion

Ever since Lupita’s fab crayola red Ralph Lauren dress at the golden globes Lupita has been firmly on our style radar. She then followed that up with style hits in blue Stella McCartney and burnt orange Givenchy meaning she had a lot to live up to come Sunday night’s Oscars. Luckily, Lupita didn’t disappoint and her icy blue Prada number landed her firmly on the best dressed lists.

2. Her love of colour

From her Dazed and Confused cover to her numerous red carpet appearances Lupita has never been one to shy away from a bold hue, and for that we salute her. Too often nowadays stars tend to play it safe in nudes, too afraid of ending up on the worst dressed lists. Lupita has been a welcome pop of colour on the bland Hollywood scene rocking some of the brightest reds, blues, yellows, pinks and greens with aplomb

3. Dancing with Pharrell

There’s no denying Pharrell’s new song is catchy, but if he’s singing to you at an awards ceremony you sit still right? Wrong! Lupita impressed the Oscars’ crowd by getting up and having a little dance with the man himself and we can’t say we blame her!

4. Her heartbreaking Oscar speech

Acceptance speeches at award shows can range from the boring to the downright weird (we’re looking at you McConaughey) but Lupita’s speech managed to remain heartfelt without veering into a cheese fest. Our favourite moment was her shoutout to the real life woman she portrayed in the film. “It doesn’t escape me for one second that so much joy in my life has come from so much pain in someone else’s.” She acknowledged. There wasn’t a dry eye in sight.

5. Her bff-ing with j law

While Lupita may hold the current number 1 spot in out hearts, we’re not fickle enough to forget last years Oscars’ darling Jennifer Lawrence. In fact, the fact that these two seem to have forged a bond only helps increase our love for Lupita by association. Let’s face it, their newfound friendship was inevitable, after all, there are only a few people in the world who’ve been in Lupita’s current position, and La Lawrence is one of them. Our fave pic of the twosome so far has to be this one of Jennifer jokingly stealing Lupita’s award after the ceremony – oh you two jokers!

Words: Kimberley Fishwick

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