Interior trends to liven up your home for Summer

With summer in full swing, it is the perfect time to refresh and reenergise your home space for the warmer months. There are so many different décor ideas, styles, and materials to mix and match for 2020, with some trends recurring from previous years and new, funky styles showing themselves for the first time. To get some inspiration for revamping your home, check out some of the fast-growing trends of summer 2020.

Statement simplicity

Often, less is more, and this is particularly true when it comes to furniture and statement pieces. To keep your home simple with a lasting impact, dress each room with neutral colours and chic, minimal furniture. Monochrome artwork and décor with a pop of colour will have a striking impact upon entering the room, while lighter colours like whites and crisp cream tones making a space appear larger and lighter.


Passementerie is the art of making elaborate trimmings or edgings of applied braid, embroidery, or beads for clothing or furnishings. In interiors, there has been a recent rise in thislook and its appeal, with growing popularity for this historictrend of fringing and tassels on curtains and seating.

This interior art form offers a classic English country house style by bringing a refined and high-end look to your home, and is often incorporated into the home in one area, whether this is with trimming on cushions or braided edging on curtains which will turn them into a classy statement piece.

When added effectively, richer tones of deep blue and purplesmixed with velvet and thicker textures can add a glamourous appeal to your home. Pair deeper colours with nude toneswhen decorating a room and choosing key pieces, such as rugs, chairs and tables, to reimagine the 1920’s trend, while keeping that elegant yet confident feel. Warmer tones also work well with blues and ruby tones, so add in some rose or bronze to create fluidity of rich yet lighter colours throughout the home. To add a little extra to this trend, include a dash of seventies sophistication with rounded edges and patterns, curved furniture, and scalloped chairs if you are looking to upgrade your furniture.

Open and universal space

With more people working from home and needing a space that will be universal to an array of needs, it is key to incorporate a multifunctional space within your home. Whether this is with an open plan ground floor or multi-use areas, like dining tables and office spaces, to make your home work effortlessly around you to transform working life to family life.

A great way to make your home more open is by allowing in as much natural light as possible, particularly in summer. With the addition of bi-fold doors from Quickslide, this allows the home to open up to allow the outdoors to flow indoors – perfect for get-togethers, summer activities such as gardening, and generally making the most of the outdoors while increasing your exposure to sunlight, which has been linked to a boost in mood and productivity.

Sustainable materials

There are many materials in interiors that can be recycled or upcycled, which is a great way of upgrading the home on a small budget. Materials such as rattan and linen are not only sustainable but are a trendy addition to a minimalist or shabby chic vibe, with the added texture and comfort of such materials creating a refreshed, contemporary look.

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