Known for his perfectly cut pieces and coveted garments, designer Jean Paul Gaultier has hit back at the beauty industry by claiming that “There is no such thing as the perfect woman.”

Speaking to French Radio London, he encouraged women that ‘difference’ is in fact what should be deemed as ‘beautiful’ and that women scrutinize their bodies too much. He said, “What certain people call imperfection is exactly what I find charming and interesting. I would say there are no perfect women. That’s not at all my area of interest.”

It’s so refreshing to hear a designer, who works closely with models such as Miranda Kerr and Cara Delevingne, inspiring women to embrace their natural beauty. His uplifting words follow the photoshop scandal which saw singer-songwriter, Lorde, slam magazines that had retouched her blemished skin. Like Gaultier, Lorde reassured women that everyone has a few imperfections here and there and that the real essence of beauty is being able to accept them.

Words by: Jacqueline Kilikita

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