Vanessa Mdee is an Award winning Tanzanian pop star, who has taken East Africa by storm and is now looking to conquer overseas. The Streets caught up with Vanessa Mdee to talk about her brand new single ‘That’s For Me‘ featuring DISTRUCTION BOYZ and her musical journey so far.

Who is Vanessa Mdee for those who are not aware of your work?

Google me ☺ lol! Well, I am an Global African musician, my style is diverse yet authentic. From mellow to upbeat, there’s a little of everything for everyone

How would you describe your sound?

We are addicted to your new single ‘That’s For Me’ could you tell us more about the song and your inspiration behind creating a pop/dance track?

 I wrote this song in Berlin with an amazing singer songwriter VioletSkies we spoke for hours about love and heartbreak and taking back our power in love and we then wrote that’s for me. Then DJ Tira, Distruction Boyz and Prince Bulo took it to the dance floor 

You are an amazing performer, what came first dancing or singing?

 I love to perform, the two come hand in hand. I’ve always loved to sing and dance, ever since childhood.

Could you tell us a bit about your musical journey and how you got into singing and songwriting?

Out of the love my father had for music, there was always something playing in the house, in the car. I grew up listening to the likes of Abba and The temptations, the blues ladies like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, Ray Charles, Miriam Makeba, Yvonne ChakaChaka, Brenda Fassie the list is endless and timeless, this had me singing along which I believe was God allowing me to exercise my vocals. My song writing is mostly inspired by real life events*

How much of your Tanzanian roots influence your music?

The Tanzanian legends such as LadyJayDee who is still killing it, RayC, AY, MwanaFA, Dully Syke paved the way for many of us artists at home, I still see them as my inspiration 

Who has been your favourite collaboration so far? And who would you love to collab with in the future? 

I absolutely love all my collaborations so far, because they have been very natural with lots of chemistry. I plan on maintaining the same, it’s all about the chemistry

What can we expect from your new album this year? 

I am exploring various sounds from around the world. I am all about stepping out of my comfort zone. Prepare for lots of surprises

We’ve seen you serving some fierce looks, how important is fashion in your artistry? 

I believe strongly in brand preservation, and therefore, my image is of importance. I love working with various designers and stylists to create diverse looks to inspire and uphold the vision of a modern African Woman

What challenges have you faced in music so far and how have you overcome them?

The challenges are endless, everyday comes with its various challenges, but I choose to use those as my drive, to conquer and stay winning

What empowers you as a woman?

Exactly that! Being a woman is a power in itself

What’s next for Vanessa?

Lots of music accompanied by visuals!! I am also working on my CSR projects which push to inspire young girls with my Foundation called UDada.

You can follow Vanessa Mede on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Words: @gyallikeannie 

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