When it comes to fashion, I will rate Leather for being the top chic attraction for jackets, pants, and now the trendy leggings.

Leather Leggings
Leather Leggings

I would love to try these Leather Leggings in the Jet-black colour. The shiny look they add to the legs makes you appear like a supermodel.

Leather Leggings
Leather Leggings @ £27.43 etsy.com/uk

Leather leggings are one of the most in-fashion trends for women. As an important fashion accessory, you can find your favourite styles and colours at many top online stores, including H&M, ASOS, and Zara.

Tall leather leggings
Tall leather leggings

You can choose from short leather leggings that barely cover your ankle or long leather leggings ideal for covering your thighs. For a contemporary look, you can find short leather leggings that are perfect to pair with a skirt or mini dress, while for a sophisticated look, you can wear long leggings with any top.

GRAY QUILTED LEGGINGS Custom made leather leggings Women
GRAY QUILTED LEGGINGS Custom made leather leggings Women @ £253.60+etsy.com/uk

You can also try wearing tall leather leggings over knee boots. If you want to add some colour to your legs, then pick up bright-coloured leggings. Plain black or white leggings look stunning with skirts, trousers, and dresses. If you are attending a formal party or function, a pair of long leggings would be perfect.

If you want to purchase a legging, make sure it is 100% leather, as fake leather tends to fade and become discoloured. There are many different styles of leather leggings available. Some of the most popular colours include navy, midnight blue, pink, lime green, grey and nude. You can use these popular colours as accessories to compliment your outfit or as the focal point in your legging.

Noisy May Tall faux leather legging
Noisy May Tall faux leather legging @ £11.20 asos.com

I usually shop for leather leggings online as there are plenty of options, and there is a return policy. Few stores also offer trial options online for their customers, which I eagerly look for. I can try the leather legging, and if it doesn’t fit me or is uncomfortable, I can exchange it.

BURGUNDY LEATHER LEGGINGS Classic leggings for women
BURGUNDY LEATHER LEGGINGS Classic leggings for women @ £244.54+etsy.com/uk

The main reason why women prefer tall leather leggings is that it compliments their figure. For instance, a pair of dark-coloured leggings can hide any cellulite on your legs, making them look perfect.

This is especially useful if you have cellulite on your thighs. Dark-coloured leggings also make any outfit look more sophisticated. They also offer extra protection against the rain, which is helpful for those who jog regularly.

New Look Tall faux leather legging in black
New Look Tall faux leather legging in black @ £13.95 asos.com

Women love to wear them when going on a date as it helps them look stylish but discreet at the same time. However, leather leggings can be a little bit too informal when worn during a date, as it might show your skin tone.

Women High Waist Plain Black Leggings
Women High Waist Plain Black Leggings @ £19.69 aliexpress.com

Therefore, avoid wearing them when you’re on a date. On the other hand, if you’re planning on a romantic evening with your partner, this is a perfect choice because it helps improve your physical appearance while giving you confidence.

Unlike jeans, they are made from thicker and stronger material. As a result, they don’t irritate the skin as skinny jeans do. This makes them ideal for wearing during the hot summer months. Although they are designed to fit snugly to the body, they don’t ride up the waist either, so they remain flatter than skinny jeans.

Women's Leather Plus Size Blue Pants Sexy Stretch Fit Elegant Trousers Streatwear Riding Leggings
Women’s Leather Plus Size Blue Pants Sexy Stretch Fit Elegant Trousers Streetwear Riding Leggings @ £20.58 aliexpress.com

Another advantage to wearing tall leather leggings is that they offer extra coverage. They offer twice the coverage that skinny jeans do. These days, many women have resorted to wearing them under t-shirts to cover up their tummy. Leather is by far one of the most popular fabric types for these purposes.

Leather Leggings
Leather Leggings @ £20.58 aliexpress.com

Tall leather leggings can be worn with almost anything. They work best with knee-high boots, knee boots, sandals, and even boots that reach the mid-thigh.

Red & Black Leather Leggings
Red & Black Leather Leggings @ £44.73 etsy.com/uk

You can also wear them over dress pants. You don’t have to worry about showy shoes being ruined by the thick material. They are quite tough and will stand up to the most outrageous outfits. You might even be able to wear them in business suits!


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When I used to shop online, there were only two colours in Leather Leggings: black and brown. But there are many other colours such as Beige, White, Dark Blue, Ash, and Dark Red. Find some tops with lace sleeves and tops that cover the back of the leggings as the appearance may look odd if the top is too short. You can also grab a jacket, either denim or leather.

New Look leather look leggings in rust
New Look leather-look leggings in rust @ £19.99 .asos.com

There are several things to keep in mind when wearing tall leather leggings. Look for any zipper pockets on the pants’ side as they enhance the appearance of the Leather Leggings. Make sure that the material is stiff, and you may have to be careful about your movements. For most people, these leggings are a great way to make a fashion statement without looking like you’re going to fall through the whole thing!

Tall leather leggings
Tall leather leggings @ £23.95 aliexpress.com

Go ahead and show off your fashion side this spring by donning some tall leather leggings.

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