“In hailing from London but having also spent time in Birmingham and Ireland, Malick IV is a well-travelled lyricist with inspirations as wide ranging as Jay-Z and Fleetwood Mac. Production on Blood of a Martyr comes courtesy of Nick Dre and Selvsse and there are a plethora of great tracks on the release that sound like instant hits with their anthemic choruses and key changes. ‘My Brothers Keeper’ which acts as a promise to those on the journey with him, ‘Kelly Kapowski’, an ode to those girls on a level with Saved By The Bell’s finest, and ‘Dont Make Me’ are all tracks which have all the prerequisite elements to be smashes.”

BOAM Interview Series.

www.youtube.com/malickthefourth – Parts 1-5

“ ‘Memoirs of the Young’ meanwhile sees poetically engaging lyrics atop a foreboding track whose eerie atmosphere builds as the song reaches its climax while the juxtaposing of ‘Born Dead’ and ‘First Born’ highlights both his awareness in putting together a cohesive body of work and his talent at translating the events of his own life on to record in order to tell his story to a growing following. Still only 21, he has been making music for the best part of eight years, now in his final year at university where he studies Music Industry Management more is sure to be heard from this young student of music.”

Don’t forget to check out Malick’s latest video! :

Kelly Kapowski – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_YFsDHM3Nc

Twitter: @MalickIV

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/malickiv

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