Just before I start, as much as I love cakes and bread, this is not about the ‘baking’ most people would be referring to.

This is actually a make up technique.

What is it?

Baking is a technique to help set your make-up, smooth out creases and basically give you the ‘Instagram-proof’ look.
It was started by the drag community and recently brought into fashion by Kim Kardashians makeup artist. So it’s quite a big craze right now.

What do I need?

What you need is a really good, fine translucent powder. Plus a 99p triangular sponge. Loose powder is advised, but setting powder works just as well if you have that. (I break up a small amount to make it more loose and broken)

Here are a few setting translucent loose powders I would suggest:

– Laura Mercier Setting Powder £19.50

– Urban Decay Mattifying Powder £19.50

-Dior Loose Skin Nude £30.30

I know it’s a bit tricky to splash out on a powder at the risk you might not even like the technique, so I’ve also included a few high street powders which I’ve had a lot of success with baking:

-MUA skin loose powder £3.00 (My favourite high street powder for this technique, really loose but it has a warm undertone tone to it which I like. Also very matte!)

– Collection sheer loose powder £2.99

– NO7 boots loose translucent powder £10.50

So how do I apply it?

So when applying your makeup make sure the areas you are going to bake are hydrated and a good amount of product is layered on. Here is my before picture:

Now to really create a set, matte and finished look soak the triangular little sponge till it’s nearly dry. You need quite a bit of concealer, I actually use two layers when doing this as it can be drying with all the powder product.

I then dip my sponge in the powder and set the product in the following places:

Leave the product to ‘bake’ for about ten to fifteen minutes and then dust the product off quite carefully. The product actually cooks with the warmth of your skin and sets the product and almost sits within your creases giving a real smooth look.

Aaand here is my after look!


– Contouring: If you do contour, this technique really finishes off the look; it appears more sharp and defined.

– Highlighter: It also plays as a highlighter, it highlights under my eyes and along my nose.

-Selfie friendly: My photos look flawless!

 Oily problems: It really is mattifying so if I sweat and there’s a risk of my skin getting oily, baking helps stop this from happening.


 Time consuming: I would say that this look is much better for a night out; it takes about 15 minutes and it can be quite messy if rushed.

– Heavy look: If you don’t like heavy makeup this really isn’t for you, it’s about 3 layers of product under the eyes.

-Up close can be a little scary: I baked the other day, and I was pretty happy with the results! I then looked in my bathroom magnifying mirror and gasped in horror.. Up close, if not applied properly it can be a little much and a bit too cakey.

Overall I decided to avoid using this technique around my eyes for an everyday look. I save it for nights out as it is great for helping my makeup stay on all night! Every day I don’t really have the time and it’s just a bit much. BUT what I actually do is bake just in the area below my bronzer – this makes my cheeks look slightly more defined.

Thanks for the read guys, hopefully you’ll enjoy baking your face just as much as you enjoy baking your cakes.

Demi xo

Words by Demi Gray @Demi_Fulcio

Edited by Araminta Pender, Beauty Editor @mintypender

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