The collab we have all been waiting for is finally launching! Cardi has been the number 1 ambassador for Fashionova for quite some time now, so it’s only right that she and the US brand collab together to create some real magic for us Nova lovers and Bardi fans.

Cardi B spoke in an interview recently spilling gems on the release of the range stating that there will be 80 items in total in a wide range of sizes for different body types .. straight, curvy etc. The full range will include: suits, blouses, dresses, outerwear, denim, knitwear and accessories. This will be Fashionova’s first celebrity collaboration and we can already tell that this collection is going to blow our minds away. Cardi describes the range as “so coporate and popping” She has an amazing relationship with the brand and says that she and Fashionova are basically friends yet she was still given a huge amount of creative control.

“Every little detail to me matters. I want to make these women look so happy — so radiant, sexy, so corporate and poppin’. I want them to look like they’re wearing Gucci and Prada, but they’re not, they’re wearing my line…”

Cardi spoke about the struggles she has faced with having the curvy body shape that she has which can sometimes hinder her from wearing certain items of clothing. She only wears Fashionova jeans as they have the perfect fit yet still affordable. “Designers don’t make jeans that fit me. I have a big butt, and they seem not to fit me. The only jeans that fit me would be like Fashion Nova jeans. That’s how I balance it out. I don’t care if it cost $20 or $15. If it looks good on me, it looks good on me. I can style it up.”

The focus on this range is quality and fit, with an inexpensive twist. The average price point for items is $40 which is around £30. Super affordable (without including tax/shipping etc)

Who’s planning on spending their coins? We are!

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