Boss Billionaire Kylie Jenner is launching skincare ‘Kylie Skin’ to her beauty business and we couldn’t be more excited!!  “Foamy and luxurious, get ready to be obsessed with washing your face” Kylie tweeted last night, in preparation of announcing her newest venture to the world.

“The skin set ? introducing Kylie’s skincare essentials and your new skincare routine: foaming face wash, walnut face scrub, vanilla milk toner, face moisturiser, vitamin c serum and eye cream. the end goal? beautiful, glowy, healthy skin.” Calling it “the skin set”

All we know at the moment is that carts need to be emptied on May 22nd in time for purchase! The new ‘Kylie Skin’ Instagram page showed us a short and sweet clip of potentially 6 products that may be included in the launch. On Saturday morning an image of a pink cleanser titled ‘First step’ indicating we can expect a cleanser in this range – followed by a very pinky short clip showing a moisturiser, serum, eye cream, toner and face scrub all costing under $30 or with the full set $125.

As Kylie’s first skincare launch we cant help but be excited for how this will turn out. The 21 year old has amazing skin and is clearly fixed on making skincare a priority. All products are cruelty free, gluten free, sulfate free, paraben free and vegan friendly, sounds like this is super helpful for sensitive skin too.

The Instagram page has already reached 1M followers with people leaving a number of comments such as ” We are waiting on an Ingredients list?” “we love an affordable billionaire” This is something we knew was in the works and a great way to bring beauty + skin under one roof.

Kylie thanks the boss of the family, the reason for it all Kris Jenner and gave her a sweet shout out on mothers day “Thank you for teaching me from a young age just how important it is to take care of my skin”

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