With very little knowledge of Reiki, I attended my first session not knowing what to expect.

Shakira, also known by her Instagram name @MsLunarLight, got me to lay on the bed on my back and placed chakra crystals on my body. The lights were dim and spa music and the aroma of essential oils filled the room. She went up and down my body very slowly, not ever touching me. She would rest her hands in the air above the main parts of my body such as my head, throat, heart, stomach and feet.

This was palm-healing in action, which is said to transfer a universal energy from the palms of the practitioner to the patient. The aim of this technique is to encourage emotional and physical healing.

During my treatment, I did however feel extremely warm at some parts, almost like I felt an energy fill the space between my body and Shakira’s hands. This was most noticeable when she hovered over my head and heart. Shakira shared with me her interpretation of the energy my body released.

Having originated in Japan by Buddhist Mikao Usui in 1922, Reiki has been adapted to many variations.

Being a spiritual skeptic, I am always very dubious on spiritual healing techniques. In saying this, I am fascinated by emotional healing, and always find myself excitedly tampering with the spiritual world. I always come away thinking, if people believe in the treatments/rituals enough, then healing will take place, whether that is a result from the placebo affect or it is, in fact, the power of the treatment, I’ll probably never know. What I would say is, the session ended with me feeling at one, and emotionally collected.

I plan to go on a few more sessions to see whether I feel the results more and I’ll keep you updated Amorelles. If you have done Reiki before, I’d love to hear your experiences. Hit me up on Twitter.

Words : @TheRubyMaeMoore

Shakira can be found at the Nunhead Holistic Health & Beauty Parlor, 137 Evelina Road, Nunhead, London, SE15 3HB. Email: [email protected] | Instagram.

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