Nicki Minaj Clothing Line

Nicki Minaj, the latest to jump on the clothing line band-wagon, has recently collaborated with US store K-Mart to devolop her very own fashion line set to be released later this year. The American Idol judge, known for her eccentric wigs and dress sense, claims her  designs were created for “women in general”.

The American rapper turn pop princess stated in an interview with US Weekly – “It’s just a more, I would say, a sensual, natural, sexier look. Like to me, I did the Harajuku stuff. I did the crazy stuff. And now I kind of want to tone that back.”

Not sure what to expect to be honest. The artist claims that her new line will appeal to all women, somehow I don’t think so. Look out for her “affordable” collection which will be available online.

Written by: Jan-Marie Revers @JammyDodgerZz

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