When hackers began leaking intimate photos of Hollywood’s A list, the social networking site Twitter went into meltdown.

Everyone from Kate Upton to Rihanna fell victim to the hacker’s attack on Apple’s icloud which proved to be a goldmine of sensitive material. Jennifer Lawrence, the actress was most affected by the scandal with the highest number of nude photos released.

The phrase ’Who has that many nude photos of themselves?’’ rolled off everyone’s tongue. For the average person – who is constantly bombarded with images of body ideals – the idea of having numerous nudes of his or herself embodies narcissism.

However, we forget that being body confident may come a little easier to those with the perceived ideal body – with a little help from Photoshop, of course.I would not call myself an exhibitionist, but if I had Rihanna’s bum then I would probably walk into every room backwards.

This, however, all detracts from the real issue which is privacy. If you are a celebrity you must be somewhat aware that there are people out there who are eager to invade your privacy.

It’s the same thing with someone who owns a Mercedes; if someone steals it, then you are not a fault but since there are people out their willing to steal it you must take every precaution to minimise the risk; like installing a burglar alarm and not leaving it unlocked.

The same thing applies to celebrities and their nude pictures, nobody is saying they can’t send or possess intimate photos of yourself, but be aware that as a high profile figure you are vulnerable to hackers.

Ultimately, having intimate photos backed up on a storage system which has over 300 million users does not mean they deserve it but it is still an undoubtedly unwise thing to do.

Written by Zoe Mumba

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