There was a time when we had to wait to get our hands on the latest glossy to see the designer campaigns. Now, with the Internet and social media those days are long gone. Oscar De La Renta took the idea one step further yesterday, revealing their fall campaign exclusively on Instagram!

It should come as no surprise that De La Renta are the first brand to take this step, the company is known for their strong social media presence and their Oscar PR Girl accounts on twitter and Instagram have developed a cult following.

The accounts managed by Erika Bearman have always offered behind the scenes snapshots of the company and insights into Erika’s personal style, but yesterday’s Instagram launch was a fashion first which seems to have paid off. The campaign, shot by Norman Jean Roy, gained thousands of likes in the first hours and demonstrates the full power of De La Renta’s social media presence. To make the announcement even more special items from the collection became available for preorder with the release of the images. As the company’s CEO Alex Bolen told WWD “one can measure clicks and see how much the cash register rings” highlighting that we may be entering a new era of campaign marketing for luxury brands after Oscar De La Renta’s Instagram success.

Words: Kimberly Fishwick 

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