Forget zumba, the latest fitness craze taking London by storm is BOXING! It’ll be no surprise to learn that people are looking to boxing as a form as exercise as well as learning to defend themselves at the same time.
So where can you go to get started? Here a four top boxing classes for beginners.

Golden Girl

Time: 6:30pm

Day: Wednesday

Location: Ringstone Gym, 141-153 Drummond Street, Euston, NW1 2PB

Price: £15 per class, pay as you go

These hour long fitness sessions combine cardio work, real boxing techniques and drill sessions to give you a full body work-out and boxing training.

Miguel’s Boxing Gym

Time: 8pm

Day: Tuesday and Thursday

Location: Railway Arches, 261-262 Hardess St, SE24 0HN

Price: £10 per session, pay as you go

These full body workouts can help you shed 16lbs in 6 weeks through an intense burning session.

City Boxer

Time: 7pm

Day: Thursday

Location: The Ring Boxing Club, 70 Ewer Street, SE1 0NR

Price: £20 per class, for non-members

These ladies sparring classes focus on the techniques of boxing in a 75 minutes session giving you drills and one on ones to build your boxing skills.

Fighting combat fitness

Time: 7:30pm (Monday) 8:30pm (Wednesday)

Location: Northwick Park Golf Club, 280 Watford Road, Harrow, HA1 3TZ

Price: £12

These women’s only BoxFit conditioning classes are non contact focusing on cardiovascular fitness which is great for beginners.

Words by: Amy Joanna Taylor

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