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Singer songwriter and R Patz fiance FKA Twigs is renowned for her bold beauty and signature slicked down baby hair in swirly patterns, which is a massive throwback to the Black history beauty days (igniting a whiff of nostalgia for me, reminding me of Christina Aguilera and Lil Kim’s hit ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ music vid and Chilli from TLC -slight tangent).

The musician born Tahliah Debrett Barnett who has adopted her nickname ‘The Twig’ because of her cracking joints as her musical stage name, frequently experiments with make-up and is the frontline of new beauty trends and facial body art. Her Latina/Jamaican descent giving her the perfect bronzed complexion, permits her to pull off any beauty trend possible.

My favourite FKA Twigs is the look on her Genius album cover, which is suitable for the final summer weeks ahead and adaptable to suit all skin tones is her blazon beauty. This look is a signature pillar box red lipstick, a natural bronzed complexion, with burnt amber eyeshadow, classic black simplistic mascara and a sleek eyebrow.

The products you need to achieve the FKA Twigs beauty look:

1). The red lip.

No make-up bag is complete without a classic rouge. Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Red Carpet Red’ Matte Revolution Lipstick is the one for you. The matte effect enables the colour to last longer, yet it is not too matte that the colour pigment seeps into the cracks of dry lips. To get the full effect of any red, cover your lips with a concealer or foundation to match your skin tone, which will act as a blank canvas to apply the colour on top.

2) The burnt orange eyeshadow.

FKA Twigs opts for an all over eyelid burnt orange/amber shade that is slightly metallic. This hue is suitable for the sun kissed skin we are all sporting from these summer days, therefore it is the perfect eyeshadow shade for now. Opt for NARS’ Meditaranee Duo Eyeshadow, use the paler shade for directly onto your eyebrow bone, and apply the amber metallic shade over your eyelid as well as in the corner of your eye too. This will act as a highlighter and give that little ‘glint’ to your eye. Follow this with a few lashings of an ultra black lash lengthening mascara (but not so it is clumpy) to embody your inner FKA Twigs.

3). The sleek eyebrow.

We have seen a huge surge in large bushy eyebrows, so for those who are blessed with fuller brows, and even those who may have slightly over plucked this beauty tip will help you. Simply get a clear eyebrow brush (Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara in Soft brown) or even a clear mascara (Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Clear) and lightly brush it over your brows with an upward movement to push your eyebrow hairs upwards. This immediately gives the impression of bigger fuller brows. This is perfect for summer as it is not always easy to maintain a symmetrical pencilled brow every day in sweltering heat, so this beauty tip is fully sweat proof and fully effective.

Words by Maisie Bovingdon @bovingdonmaisie

Edited by Araminta Pender @mintypender

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