Bex Walker, founder of Bexfast Potsnever really thought about her hobby becoming a business.

She started running and living a healthy lifestyle when her daughter was about 9 months old and the more she learned about food, the more it made sense to start cutting out things like dairy and refined sugar. After becoming completely obsessed with cake while she was pregnant, she needed something to take away that craving in a healthier way – and so the birth of her breakfast pots. She started posting pics of her breakfast on Instagram and after a while, people were asking where they could buy them. A few months later she started selling them at a friend’s bootcamp and people were showing up from Insta to get them! When the bootcamp came to an end, she thought that would probably be the end of this small business venture, but then she was introduced to the owners of an independent health shop in North London who wanted to stock them – that’s when everything really started to take off.

Current stockists are Our Cottage in Alexandra Palace and CycleLab in Shoreditch. She is now on the lookout for new shops in West and South London to make it easier for people to get hold of them, before taking them across the country.

Bexfast Underground Saturdays – Order your Bexfast pot Monday through to Friday and collect it from your nearest tube station between 9am – 4pm on a Saturday (zones 1-4 only). 

Bex has kindly shared one of her recipes with us, so you can learn how to make this delicious breakfast recipe for yourself.

Badass Banana & Peanut Butter Overnight Oats Recipe


  • 50g Rolled oats
  • 2 tsp Chia seeds
  • 1 Spotty banana (if it’s not ripe it won’t mash properly or taste good!)
  • 100 – 120ml Milk (almond/vanilla rice milk recommended)
  • 1 heaped tsp Peanut/Almond butter (to keep it healthy use a natural PB like Meridian)

Get creative: Add coconut, seeds, nuts, berries, cacao nibs, unsweetened cocoa/cacao powder, protein powder, maca powder..


  1. Before you go to bed, grab a bowl, your spotty banana and a fork. Break off half the banana and use the back of the fork to roughly mash it. Add your oats, chia seeds and milk to the mashed banana and mix together.
    Note: The oats and chia seeds will soak up some of the milk overnight, so although you don’t want it super sloppy don’t worry if it seems a little bit much. Keep mixing!
  2. Next, get your peanut butter and decide if you want this to be a masterpiece of Instagram perfection or if you just want it to taste good. If you’re looking for likes then you can spoon the PB into your jar and smudge it around the edge to give it that ‘I just chucked it in but doesn’t it look awesome’ look, but if you just want the taste then you can mix it in with your oats – or both!
  3. At this point you can add anything else you might want. Coconut and maca powder would work well, giving you some extra nutrients and energy to kickstart your day.
  4. Once everything is mixed together you can spoon it into your jar and add your toppings.
  5. My go-to’s would be slices of the left over banana, cacao nibs (you can get these from any good health store and even Tesco now!) and probably pumpkin seeds. Arrange nicely and sprinkle some extra chia seeds over the top to look like a pro. Screw the lid onto the jar and chuck it in your fridge.

Good luck not dreaming about it all night! Wake up, get it out of the fridge and have an incredible morning.

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