So, we have finally had the news after months of lockdown, that we can meet up with family/friends outdoors! With summer quickly approaching, this is a perfect time to consider investing in a ShakeSphere steel tumbler.

ShakeSphere is an excellent brand to consider. The quality is second-to-none, its’ packaging is an experience in itself. Whether you’re looking for a tumbler for your at-home workouts, upcoming picnics, a leak-proof product that you can keep in your bag – anything! ShakeSphere is the brand to have and if you don’t know – get to know!

Packing for ShakeSphere bottles 

Their mission is to revolutionise the shaker bottle market and create innovative products which improve the health, wellbeing and happiness of everyone who uses them.

A Dragons’ Den success story, this premium eco shaker-thermos-drinks bottle keeps drinks hot for eight hours, and cold for 12 hours, thanks to its double stainless-steel walls. Its unique use is as a no-blade shaker – it breaks down ingredients effectively without blades, so is perfect for protein shakes, smoothies, juices, tea, coffee or water. It retails on the market from £25 which you can shop here.
The tumblers are unlike anything on the market. It features a ‘capsule’ design comprising of two opposing half hemispheres that when shaken, create a centrifugal force to rapidly break down powders, mixtures and liquids. It can even puree soft fruits like bananas and raspberries without blades, wire balls or mesh grids! And without any corners for ingredients to get stuck into, there’s no waste, lesscleaning and no smells.

ShakeSphere Brushed Steel tumbler
The tumblers are corrosion-resistant, durable, BPA-free and environmentally friendly. The come in three colours: Matte Black, Brushed Steel, Brushed Copper.

Other benefits to the tumblers are:

  •       Its revolutionary capsule designs
  •       Over 1 million shakers have been sold worldwide
  •       They’re leak-proof – guaranteed
  •       They blend fruit with no blades
  •       No waste, no mess, and saves you money
  •       They’re a family company
  •       They have a lifetime warranty

I always love to purchase from brands that are family owned. ShakeSphere are a small family business. Founded by Rick Beardsell, ShakeSphere wouldn’t have reached international recognition without the support and expertise of his wife Eszter.

They have worked incredibly hard to establish such a well-received brand that has won multiple awards. They have been branded the Best Protein Shaker by Men’s Health!

I would 100% recommend purchasing a ShakeSphere capsule – they are certainly worth the price tag!

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