As we all know trends come and go so quick that sometimes, okay let’s not lie, most of the time it’s hard to keep up. With each consumer it depends upon not only when they witness the trend, but also if they like it. If it aint gonna look great on yourself then what’s the point in buying? Unless were all throwing money about left, right and centre, then you save those pennies.  That being said this article aims to provide you with outfit inspiration, item admiration and just general love for these little, silver, shoed beauties. As these are an item that we ALL can wear, and are so in-check for the current festive season, have a little gander at the below, as you’ll be sure to admire…

See below for my top five picks, style inspiration and outfit build.

Merry Christmas you silver shoe lovers!

The five beauties

FiveAsos, The masculine brogue, £49.00

FourAsos, Rainbow peeptoe, £15.00

ThreeAsos, Mermaid brogue, £18.00

TwoNew Look, ‘The cut out’ brogue, £19.99

OneNew Look, Gladiator heel, £24.99

Silver style inspo:

-Silver shoe obsessed, Olivia Palermo 2014

Silvers to wear with:

Thea girlfriend distressted denim, Asos £38.00

-Tuxedo, black,long-line blazer, Asos £54.00

Soft, grey T, Asos £ 8.00 (mens, sounds crazy but trust me and try, it adds an ‘easy’ slouch fit)


Emma L Ryan


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