Piers Morgan wrote an article for the Daily Mail stating that black people as well as white people need to stop using the ‘’N*gger’’ or its variant ‘’N*gga’’.

Some people agreed with him and critics have said he is victim blaming by suggesting black people using the ‘’N word’’ gave white people permission to use it.

I disagree with the idea that telling black people not to use the ‘’N word’’ is victim blaming. I’m half black and I do not refer to myself as an ‘’N word’’.

It is a derogatory and offensive word and I see no reason why I would choose to insult myself or other people by using it. In fact I attribute it to the same reason that I would not refer to myself as a slut.

Some claim that black people use the ‘’N word’’ in an attempt to reclaim it, but it isn’t. The ‘’N word’’ has not been used to create a new meaning that refers to a powerful and intelligent black person.

It’s simply used as an everyday term to refer to a black person, except only black people can use it. I believe the intention to reclaim the word was misguided because we are still here in 2014 debating the usage of the word and who can and cannot use it.

Some words carry such negative connotations and meanings that they are beyond reclaiming. This brings me to my next point, if you are not 100% black like me are you still allowed to use it? Or do you have to be 100% black to use it?

Can’t we just agree that the ‘’N word’’ is bad regardless of who is using it?

Written By Zoe Mumba

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