When it comes to summer, there are no seasonal events more important or more stylish than weddings. It doesn’t matter if you are there for the entire day, or simply joining the reception party to celebrate, finding the perfect outfit is always a key part of getting ready to attend the big day. Whether you are looking for wholesale dresses or styles to add to your personal collection that will be perfect for summer weddings, here’s our pick of the most stylish dresses you could choose to wear.

Wrap Dress

Ah yes, the humble wrap dress. The real workhorse of any woman’s wardrobe, there is almost no occasion that a wrap dress cannot be styled for. In the blistering heat of the summer, this style is perfect for a wedding and will easily see you through the day’s ceremony, through to the evening party.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the only wrap dress you can choose from is one that would be best left for the office. There are many different styles, patterns, and dress lengths to choose from. From mini numbers that are perfect for a party to floor-length wrap gowns that will be ideal for high-end weddings, this versatile dress style will see you through summer weddings in style.

Ruffled Dress / Frilled Dress

Hot off the heels of the retro revival trend the decade defining staple of the ‘80s, ruffled and frilled dresses, are once again a fashion favourite. Incredibly feminine, with a touch of whimsy and fun, these dresses are gorgeous when paired with a pastel colourway of floral prints – just be sure that the bridesmaids aren’t wearing anything too similar!

Mini Dress

A somewhat risqué choice, a mini dress can be totally appropriate for a wedding, if you know how to style it correctly. Choose a block colour, or an animal print if you want to embrace your wild side, and style with minimal accessories for a reception-ready look. To keep things super classy, opt for a Bardot sleeve, or wear a stylish kimono over your mini dress.

Maxi Dress

Better known as beach attire, maxi dresses have come a long way in recent years, with plenty of elegant styles to choose from that are perfect for a summer wedding, especially if you are headed to one being conducted outdoors. All you need to finish this look is your favourite pair of chunky heels, some statement earrings, and you’ll be looking almost as good as the bride herself!

Floral Dress

We know, we know, mentioning florals for any sort of summer occasion is hardly ground-breaking in the fashion world (as anyone who has seen The Devils Wears Prada, will know all too well). However, no one can deny that floral are perfect for the warmer months of the year, and there are so many different variations on this print to choose from these days.

You can opt for a ditsy print floral number for an elegant look, or make a style statement in a tropical print inspired number, it all depends on what will work best for the type of wedding you are attending.

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