A few seasons back French Connection scored a huge fashion coup with their ‘This Is the Woman’ campaign, well now they’ve only gone and done it again! With a little help from super-cool photographer Rankin, French Connection have launched an edgy and original campaign for their AW 13 collection.

The new campaign entitled, ‘From Sketch to Store’ not only features stunning monochrome images of the looks themselves, but is also accompanied by an interesting parallel image. To create this image models were photographed nude, before illustrator Jo Bird sketched replicas of the original shoot onto prints of the models.

The video accompanying the campaign brings the collection to life even further by animating the sketches, drawing them directly onto the models body.

The campaign, which was the brain child of French Connection’s in-house creative content agency The Full Service perfectly captures the sense of humour that the brand’s campaigns have become known for and continues French Connection’s association with exciting and ground-breaking campaign concepts.

Words: Kimberley Fishwick 

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