Summertime has (almost) arrived – yay! This means bright skies till the late pm, hyde park scrolls and va-cay season meaning Sunbathing season. Now sunbathing as a black girl can sometimes feel a little awkward – you don’t want to catch too much sun I think Kevin hart said it best when he said black people want sun more than anyone but yet we’ll always find somewhere with shade so that we don’t become ‘too’ dark’ or too tanned. Strange yet relatable.

Suntan lotions used to be such a taboo subject for black people, however now with creams and lotions catered for black skin it’s almost become second nature to make sure you don’t leave your house without your SPF even in the cooler weather, and not relying heavily on foundations which include an SPF.

So what lotions are best for dark skin without making us turn purple/blue or whatever awful colour?

Nivea Carotene Lotion

When I was growing up, after the faze of the palmers coco butter kind of drifted away, Nivea was kind of the new kid of the block. Only recently have I discovered that they actually do a sun tan lotion which is amazing for dark skin.

Malibu Sun tan 

I have personally used this and can say this is probably the best sun tan i’ve used. Not only does it give you such an amazing glow, but you can actually feel the product moisturised into your skin. Unlike most lotions that I have used, they seem to just sink into my skin without giving me any real moisture. Lastly, the smell is super exotic and just makes you feel like you are on holiday.

What I also tend to do whilst I am on holiday is mix a little of my highlighter into my lotion to give my skin that ultimate sun kissed tan, making you look extra glorious when you’re back in the crappy weather.

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