ella August 24, 2014

From their latest album ‘The Black Market’, hip hop duo PGBR have recently released ‘Gas Pedal’. The accompanying video already hitting more than 7k views, proving to be a success among fans. PGBR is an abbreviation of their motto: ‘Play Broke Get Rich’, a motto which they claim is the secret ingredient to success. The song reveals a successful merge of urban musical talent between Swarve Sutton & Crunch who seem to share similar attitudes with regards to future attainment. It begins with a catchy electric instrumental which is soon accompanied by a compelling bass that runs throughout the song, giving it a touch of uniqueness. The latter half of the song also features the late Bernie Mac saying: “if people don’t like you for who you are, fuck ‘em!” A snippet derived from his well-known speech about embracing your individuality. This feature is fitting as individuality is a character which the duo evidently embody. The dynamic duo have a great future ahead of them and we, at Amor wish them all the best with their musical career.

‘The Black Market’ album can be found free to download on their website:


The official video for Gas Petal can be found below:

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