Our #WCW this week is Award Winning Vlogger and TV Presenter, Grace Victory.

Grace is well-known as ‘the internet’s big sister’ – she shares her life and is open about her own personal problems on her blog and her Youtube channel.

She openly speaks about depression, personal battles, eating disorders and is a role model for many young people. She shares her strengths and weaknesses with her followers which makes her so loveable and relatable.

Grace announced her debut book ‘No Filter’ which hit the shelves on 17th July.

Amor asked her a few questions about her journey:

What inspired you to write a book?

“It was definitely to inspire other people not to give up. I believe all the difficult stuff I’ve been through is for a higher purpose and that higher purpose is to help people. If one woman reads my book and it helps her to keep going, then my job is done.”

Your content as a whole is very open and honest, do we find out even more in ‘NO FILTER’?

“I definitely go way deeper into things in ‘No Filter’. It’s 80,000 words of honesty from my childhood, secrets and difficult things I have never spoken about online.”

Did you have any struggles whilst writing the book?

“The only real struggle I had was writing the chapter called ‘I own my body not you’. It was the first time I had openly spoken about something that happened to me (outside of therapy) and it was very daunting. Even when you’ve processed trauma, it can be very difficult opening up and talking about it, however I did it to help people who may have experienced the same thing.”

Is a book tour on the cards?

“Yes. I’m doing a signing in London and one in Manchester this month and I’m super excited to meet people. I’ll also be at The Curve Fash Fest with Waterstones.”

Can you give us a sneak peak into any stories you may tell?

“I talk about the time I flashed Daniel Radcliffe my knickers!”

What’s next for you?

“I have two more book ideas. A Netflix series idea I’m working on, as well some very exciting campaigns that I’ll be announcing soon.”

You can find Grace on Twitter and Instagram @GraceFVictory 

Grace Victory’s book NO FILTER is published by Headline and is out now in hardback, priced £14.99

Words : Jasmin Woodward

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