We’ve surfed through the summer months and are now sliding into autumn, but it is safe to say that everyone is still mourning the summer sun, their sunkissed glow and the au naturale look. However, fear not! As Balmain and Givency’s make-up at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 proves, brown is back!

Soft brown kohl eyeliner is the new replacement for sleek black feline eyes. A brown eye pencil achieves a subtle yet sophisticated beauty look that is suitable for the day, not too over the top for work or even a spot of shopping, but can also be glammed up with gold highlights in the corner of the eye, and copper eye shadow tones for the evening- a completely versatile palette and must have beauty buy.

And let’s not forget the eyebrows! Avoid severe pencilled eyebrows, the key is not to overdo them. Instead, enhance the natural tone by using a suitable brown shade that is as close to your hair colour as possible so that when shading in and re-intensifying your eyebrow shape it is still natural enough for people not to notice but to ensure that your eye area is enlivened.

The brown palette continues to the contouring of the face and cheeks too. A slight dusting of bronzer across the bridge of the nose, and copper powder highlights to the temples and cheeks will instantly bring back the summer glow you were sporting a month or so ago.

Words by Maisie Bovingdon @BovingdonMaisie

Edited by Araminta Pender, Beauty Editorial Assistant @mintypender

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