Korean skincare is more popular than ever and I’ve totally fallen head over heels for it, so I couldn’t wait to try out Mask Raider’s subscription box. Mask Raider is a curated subscription of skin care masks that are delivered straight to your door every month. Partnered with brands such as Innisfree, Etude House, My Beauty Diary and Mediheal, the brand offers the subscriber the access to sample mid to high tier quality sheet masks from Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

There are four different subscriptions that offers 8-10 sheet masks a month, including instructions, an ingredient list and analysis sheet. The beauty of Mask Raider is that they do the research for you! When I reached into my package, I found two cards with information about what ingredients were in each mask, what skin type they were best suited to, drying time and the benefits each mask provided – so you know exactly just what you’re putting onto your body.

Mask Raider offers over $35 (£28.63) worth of masks for only $26.67 (£21.81) per month, which is a pretty good deal! Or you can select the Mask Raider annual subscription which gives you 2 months of masks for free!

So what masks did I receive and how did I get on?

A moisturising and whitening mask with Niacinamide, Adenosine and activated

Charcoal Powder to draw out impurities from deep within pores, resulting in clear skin.


My initial impressions after taking the mask out of the bag was that the size of the mask was really good, easy to unfold and lay on my face which I think had something to do with the cellulose material. This mask was a lot thicker and sturdier than others that I’ve used which have been a bit more difficult to apply. The mask itself was black like the picture on the packet which I assumed was to do with the ingredients containing charcoal.


I left the mask on for just under 40 minutes, as the packet advised and when I took it off I was super impressed with the results. I’d tried to tackle a few pesky white head pimples on the side of my face and so my skin was looking a bit blotchy and red before I put the mask on. As soon as I took it off, they had completed flattened, the reddening was gone – it was as if the mask had completely erased them – seriously impressive! Plus, my skin felt soft and shiny.

The day I chose to test this mask, I was feeling pretty ropey with a cold and my skin wasn’t in the best condition (dull, dark circles under my eyes etc) but as if by magic, once I took the mask off my skin was shiny and the bags had disappeared. I looked positively healthy!

Banobagi Vita Genic Hydrating Jelly Sheet Mask

Anti-wrinkle, whitening and hydrating liposome jelly mask with vitamins and ‘oxygen water’ from Jeju Island.


When I took the mask out of the packet, I noticed that the mask was covered with a lot more serum than the Mediheal mask, which makes sense as Banobagi’s Vita Genic sheet mask promises the skin intense hydration (containing ‘oxygen water’ from Jeju Island)– there was even excess serum in the packet afterwards. This mask was made of white cotton so putting on the mask was a lot more difficult than the last as it was pretty sticky and slippery, but once I got over that and just how cold it was (why doesn’t anyone mention that?) it felt so good on my skin, so refreshing!

I took the mask off after 20 minutes and again the results were great, my skin felt amazing! I patted the excess serum into my skin and took a little left over from the packet to moisturise my neck and chest area (I couldn’t bear to waste any!) and looked it the mirror. My face was practically glowing, it had a natural dewy sheen that make up couldn’t reproduce. My boyfriend even commented on how different I looked since I went upstairs for my pamper sesh. I also noticed how firm my skin felt, which must have been the after effects of the anti-wrinkle ingredients.


I’d say that this mask was probably the least comfortable to wear out of the two, purely because of the amount of serum that Banobagi packed into the mask but it definitely produced the most instantly noticeable results.

Mask Raider packages are now available online. 

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