20-year-old Aliya, showcased her artwork at the Revere launch last month, so we had to catch up with her to get an insight into the woman behind the paintings. Aliya has created a unique collection that reflects the enjoyment she finds in the challenge of channelling her ideas into creative pieces. Central to Aliya’s art form is a fascination with faces. Although she has not pursued extensive formal art training, she has a unique eye for colour and her own distinct style. Aliya has a very interesting approach to her work and is renowned for frequently creating incomplete pieces, by selecting just one part of the face to paint. Aliya Brijnath is currently an undergraduate at Cambridge University reading History of Art. From an early age Aliya embraced many opportunities within the arts, attending film school in Paris, and summer painting courses at Rhode Island School of Design. She has also, worked with creative agencies such as the Bridgeman Art Library and JWT. She found studying art at Wycombe Abbey a liberating sanctuary away from the more rigid academic disciplines, going on to achieve the highest marks in her public art examinations and to be appointed the School Art Scholar. She has, very fortuitously, teamed up with Revere’s founder Dr Sach Mohan, by offering Revere’s clients the opportunity to have their portraits painted by Aliya to show off their new look!

Zara Clarence

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