Whilst the global economy is poised for a period of considerable uncertainty and decline, there are some global industries that continue to go from strength to strength.

Take the fashion sector, for example, which according to the McKinsey Global Index has grown at 5.5% annually in the 10-years ending 2017. This means that the market has continued to boom throughout the great recession of 2008 and the subsequent slowdown, peaking at a value of $2.4 trillion along the way.

Part of the reason for this sustained success is the diversity of the industry, which continues to be influenced by unusual trends from ultra-bright neon accessories to the return of vintage lace. In this post, we’ll consider the fashion trends that are set to dominate the headlines this autumn, whilst asking whether or not they’re relevant to you!

1. Get Suited Up this Autumn

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Wearing suits is an autumn fashion trend that never really goes out of fashion, in the same way that men’s trench coats continue to sell in their millions across the globe each year.

Suits are also universally popular amongst men and women too, with power garments becoming increasingly commonplace amongst both sexes.

But what styles of suit are we likely to see this autumn? Sharp, angular shoulders are certainly set to be all the rage, while belted suits are also likely to become increasingly popular before the end of 2019.

Designers are also looking to meet the growing demand for affordable, Savile Row style tailoring, which helps young professionals to construct a clean and visually impressive look that doesn’t cost them the earth.

2. The Return of the Bougie Girl – A 70’s Revival

Many fashion trends are cyclical, which means that some garments that were popular in the 1970s and the 1980s are becoming in-vogue once again.

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One of the most telling examples is the revival of the so-called ‘Bougie Girl’ look, which sees you pair a bow blouse with a pleated skirt and jacket to create a truly unique style for your autumn fashion looks.

Not only is this a nostalgic look, but it also follows the aforementioned trend of designers helping customers to replicate sleek and high-end looks at competitive prices.

This is definitely a look to keep your eyes peeled for this autumn, as you aim to stand out from the crowd and elevate your wardrobe beyond the mundane.

3. Bright Neon Accessories for an Eye-catching Look

Whilst neon is not for the faint of heart, it is likely to become a key fashion trend as autumn unfolds this year.

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However, it’s unlikely that you’d be bold enough to wear neon from head-to-toe, so we’re more likely to see bright accessories such as belts and scarves fly off the shelves as the winter approaches.

A punch of neon can certainly bring even the most mundane outfit to life, whilst it also helps to introduce different coloursand create an instantly more versatile wardrobe.

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