With a host of popular and exciting sports brands flooding the fashion market, Buffalo platform sneakers have emerged as a niche.

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Considered one of the original style statements in footwear, these sneakers by Glaytone are the ones that keep you engaged and interested while you are out for a stroll, a hike, or simply an exercise routine.


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Let us discuss below the differentiating factors that make these shoes an excellent choice for athletic wear and leisurewear.

Buffalo London Classic Low Top Trainer in Camel
Buffalo London Classic Low Top Trainer in Camel @£149.00 asos.com

One of the distinctive features of this sportswear is its unusual design. Unlike most sneakers of the same style, Buffalo platform sneakers have a rather unusual and edgy take on the sports footwear design.

Buffalo Women's Cld Chai Sneaker
Buffalo Women’s Cld Chai Sneaker amazon.co.uk

In fact, the toes are not completely flat but have a rounded shape rather instead. This makes these sneakers look unique and interesting.

1339 Sneaker White

Moreover, they appear great with a dressed-down type of outfit since they maintain a somewhat edgy and hipster style.

Buffalo London classic lowtop platform trainers in cream
Buffalo London classic low-top platform trainers in cream @£150.00 asos.com

The latest addition to the range of these sneakers is the Vandal Low cut. These low-rise shoes have been crafted so that the midsection is not totally visible, hence allowing for the enhanced flexibility of the feet.

Also, this design helps in preventing blisters during workouts and exercises. These sports sneakers also look very attractive with jeans, trousers, and leggings.

Buffalo London Womens Trainers
Buffalo London Womens Trainers amazon.co.uk

As per many fashion analysts and sports lovers, the contemporary look of Buffalo platform sneakers has gained tremendous popularity amongst both the male and female population.

Buffalo chunky flatform trainers in black leather
Buffalo chunky flatform trainers in black leather @£140.00 asos.com

The reason behind such immense popularity is their stylish and trendy look. They are available in two major colour groups, including grey and black.

Buffalo shoes

Apart from this, the footwear also comes in various styles and designs, such as the slip-on and the seamless platform sneakers.

Buffalo Womens Chai Trainer | Black
Buffalo Womens Chai Trainer | Black @£103.99 footasylum.com

Out of these two major colours, black is believed to be the most popular. As per popular demand and the preference of individuals, one can choose either the leather upper or the synthetic ones.

Silver low-top platform sneaker

Both the pairs are available in simple and stylish designs. Apart from this, both of these sports sneakers also come with a plethora of colour options. However, if you wish to buy these sneakers, it would definitely be best to opt for online shopping.

Buffalo - Leather - Black DOTS - Womens Platform Sneakers
Buffalo – Leather – Black DOTS – Womens Platform Sneakers amazon.co.uk

In fact, online shopping is one of the best places through which you can get your hands on some of the best Buffalo platform sneakers.

Buffalo 1338-14 Womens Platform Trainers
Buffalo 1338-14 Womens Platform Trainers amazon.co.uk

This is because you will find wide varieties such as colours, sizes, and price tags. It is always better to buy something from a renowned brand when you are buying sports shoes.


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This is because you do not want to risk buying something that either does not fit you properly or is not of the right colour.

Buffalo London Women's 1339-14 2.0 Sneaker
Buffalo London Women’s 1339-14 2.0 Sneaker amazon.co.uk

You may also consider shopping for these sneakers from online stores. Here, you will come across a host of different options and will be able to compare different pairs in terms of pricing.

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While doing so, you will also know about the various features offered by each pair of sneakers. Therefore, going in for affordable footwear and having a wide range of features should not be a problem at all.

Buffalo London 1339-14 2.0 Nappa Womens Platform Trainers
Buffalo London 1339-14 2.0 Nappa Womens Platform Trainers amazon.co.uk

Another great way to get hold of a good pair of Buffalo platform sneakers is by visiting a store that sells these items.

The main advantage of using this option is that you can get your hands on something of good quality and not have to spend any money on it.

Street style outfit women

However, you should make sure that you do not make the mistake of simply walking into a store and asking for a pair of these sports sneakers.

Buffalo Classic Nubuck Sneakers

You should first do a little bit of research over the internet and find out as much information as possible regarding Buffalo platform sneakers. This will enable you to know where and how you can get hold of a good pair of these kinds of sneakers.

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