So my signature hairstyle is back – BRAIDS!

I am just in love with this hairstyle this A/W and believe this hairstyle is going to remain my obsession till 2014!

Braids are great for black hair and ensure that damaged hair from various weave hairstyles grows back effectively. It is also great for maintaining healthy hair!

As a young black woman I believe that it is important to embrace your culture! It is not always about having westernized hairstyles (silky weave extensions!), try African inspired ones too! I certainly embrace mine! I love how braids are now becoming more popular as the seasons go by – they look FAB!

The growth spurt within the first few weeks of installing braids is more prominent, then within the remaining weeks the hair grows at a normal pace.

Why do I love braids?

Because not only is it always in trend but it makes it so much more easier to get ready in the morning! You literally just get up and go!


There are soo many ways to style braids! They can be all up, half up, wrapped etc. Here are a few ideas for you if you choose to get braids!

When I had my hair up this way apparently I was following Salonge’s hairstyle? Never noticed! I fell into this way of bunning my hair when I was trying to get all the hair up one night before I slept!

This style is a classic! Can never go wrong with this one!

Would you be surprised if I told you there was no hairband holding all my braids up? I grabbed four plaits from the middle of my head and used it to tie all my hair up! This was after having the braids for about a month. They still look good because of the way I maintain my braids!


1. Wrap your braids, EVERYDAY when you sleep. Not just when you feel like it! It is certainly obvious to tell between people who wrap their hair or not from just looking at the edges! Rough edges? A big NO NO! I tie a bandana around my edges, then a second scarf around the back and all my plaits are rolled up within a hair net.

2. Every week as your braids continue to grown use Africa’s Best Olive Oil Foam Wrap Lotion every sunday before you sleep. The foam sets the edges of your hair and the bits of the braids that will start to look a bit rough! I have been able to keep my braids for nearly two whole months and my edges remain neat! (found in all Afro-Carribean cosmetic shops across the UK.)

3. Grease your scalp every few days, because your scalp is constantly exposed to the wind it is bound to get dry! Try Doo Gro Oil. There are different kinds depending on which one suits your hair. I tend to get itchy scalp so I use the Doo Grow Anti Itch Oil. (found in all Afro-Carribean cosmetic shops across the UK.)

If you would like the contact details of the hairstylist that installed my braids then just
email me: [email protected]

Beauty Editor, Patricia Obaro Odje

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