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Let’s talk the Clitoris

Frequently women are told we are not ‘real’ women if we cannot orgasm during sex. Whether we’re being mislead over the ‘this is how sex should be’ scenes from a film or the glossy pages of a magazine telling you how to receive the perfect orgasm, is not all true. Recently stumbling across the webpages of the Huffington Post, I came across a podcast hosted by Carina Kolodny and Noah Michelson on the subject matter of ‘The Power Of The Clitoris.’

The concept that a woman is frigid if she cannot climax during intercourse is prominent. But the reality is, more than 80% of females do not experience orgasms whilst having sex – it may even be higher! So why are we not being told this? When it comes to sex scenes in a film all you see is the lead up, sometimes during and then a massive orgasm coming from both the man and woman followed by laughter of satisfaction. But this isn’t always the case. In most situations the woman has to masturbate in order to climax.

Whether you search for it on the internet, listen to your mum and dad’s advice or maybe even attend a sex education class, no one is telling you that the clitoris is purely for pleasure. Yes you heard correct – the clitoris is purely for pleasure – there is no other purpose for this amazingly powerful instrument! In the podcast, Sophia Wallace touches on the fact that ‘’we’re being educated on how to prevent pregnancy and HIV, but we are not being educated on Sex’’. We need the films and the glossies to tell us the truth – Sex can be messy, smelly and most of the time, it’s the woman’s job to give herself an orgasm through the help of her female friendly toys or her fingers, and this is completely normal!!

A lot of the time, sexual encounters come to an end because the man has ejaculated, and this is where women sell themselves short. It seems like the majority of sex that is happening is for the benefit for the man, and perhaps us women are to blame for this. It is in our interest, as women, to show our male counterparts exactly how to make us orgasm and unfortunately, this is increasingly less accomplished through penetrative sex. Instruct him to focus on the clitoris – the most powerful pleasurable instrument on a women’s body!

Laura Ward

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