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Fashion fights mental health and eating disorders.

They say you learn something new each day and on this particular day, fashion blogger Amina (cheap & cheerful shopper) learnt that her friend had been suffering for many years.

Amina discovered that her friend had being living with bipolar disorder, depression, suicidal thoughts and an eating disorder – yet nobody knew. Sadly, she had seen a similar situation with her sister many years before and she knew something had to be done. So she launched the #onepoundonemind campaign.

She chose a group of six young models aged between 17-26, who had or are currently battling with these conditions to head the campaign. They were willing to share their story and encourage young girls to feel confident in their own bodies.

The models wore dresses that cost just £1 to reflect the cheapandcheerfulshopper blog’s ethos; it doesn’t cost a lot to look good. Everyone on set, including the photographer and makeup artist were also paid £1 for their work.

Together, the models portray an image of beauty and unity that speaks out against these troubling issues. The images burst with colour and overshadow the dark world that many young girls experience.

The campaign speaks out against the growing problem between young girls and social media. Amina believes that many girls today struggle with their self-perception after comparing themselves to others online.

She said: “I have come to the realisation that self-perception plays a significant role in how young girls are affected by these conditions.

“Social media and the world of celebrity plays a large role in making young girls self-conscious and constantly seeking an unrealistic image of ‘perfection’”.

Check out the full campaign on Amina’s blog cheapandcheerfulshopper and spread the message with the hashtag #onepoundonemind.

By Bex Edwards

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