Women initiating sex – our top tips on how to.
In an ideal world, it shouldn’t matter who initiates sex first as long as you both desire each other and have a mutually satisfying sex life. However, the reality is, men are the ones who usually make the first move partly due to the fact that they think about sex more often and get turned on quicker. While men don’t mind making the first move, as long as they don’t get turned down, research has shown that men would also like their partners to make the first move too.

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Women on the other hand don’t usually feel comfortable making the first move, because they are used to being desired and pursued sexually. So. in order to create a pleasant and probably erotic change to their sex lives, it would be great for them to seduce and pursue their partners instead. This may not be easy to do, so here are a few tips to help women build the confidence to initiate sex.

  • Do whatever makes you feel confident in yourself, reminding yourself that you are sexy and desirable as a woman. Wearing your favourite perfume or sexy lingerie can help boost the feeling of confidence to kickstart a night under the sheets
  • Consider starting to get yourself and partner in the mood earlier in the day by sending suggestive/sexy text messages or pictures showing what you are going to do to him later on
  • When you are in each others’ company, ensure you increase touching and deepen your kisses to signal that you are in the mood for sex. These are the hints that are more likely to get your partner on the same wavelength as you. It also helps to get them in the mood.
  • Switch it up a little – if you usually wear nightwear to bed, send out proactive flirtatious signals by going to bed in your birthday suit. This would be a nice surprise for your partner to feel your warm skin and feel that intimate, animalistic instinct kick in
  • Ask him to join you for a shower. There is something erotic about being naked under water with someone you are attracted to…. lathering each other can always lead to more…
  • If you are truly shy, then why not have converastion about a code word that suggests you want sex? That way your partner can follow up on your request.

The days are gone when the stereotypical gender rules still apply, ladies it’s time now more than ever, to take your sexual happiness into your own hands and not let societal constraints stop you by not asking for sex first! Here are your women initiating sex tips, I hope you enjoy putting them into practise

Words : Iphie Mottoh

Iphie Mottoh, better known as Duchess Iphie – is a sex, intimacy and relationship coach / counsellor.

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