We caught up with Zyah Belle, who recently dropped her brand new single, ‘I Think That I Love You’! We asked the talented artists her top 5 influencers musically and we’re loving it! Northern California singer-songwriter Zyah Belle offers a refreshing presence to Alternative R&B. She has a sound containing elements that all generations can appreciate. Allowing her to captivate the listener with her soulful tone over complimenting modern production.

Zyah Belle’s love for music and art was cultivated by her mother who is a choir director, and her aunt who was a vocal coach at her local church in Vallejo, Ca. Zyah got her to start singing in her church’s children choir.

Find out her top tracks below:

1. Jamaica Funk – Tom Brown

This song instantly lifts my spirits. I love funk music so much and anytime I want to dance or release any negativity this is the song that I turn to. Funk inspired me to make music that connects with people in a joyful and soulful way.

2. Rapture – Anita Baker

This song reminds me of Saturday mornings. My mother would turn on Anita Baker almost like a signal to us to get up and start our day. Even as a child I knew her music is timeless. And I knew that I wanted to connect with all generations the way she did.

3. Gettin In The Way – Jill Scott

This was the first album my mother bought for me. I saw Jill Scott on BET as a young girl and felt like she looked like me. I had no idea the depth of her lyrics and how much they would ring true through the journey of my womanhood.

4. Tyrone – Erykah Badu

This song is still one of my favourite songs to sing to this day. And how ironic was it that my first boyfriend’s name was Tyrone. This song taught me storytelling through freestyle. Badu has this way to genuinely connecting by being present in the moment. She is a master teacher and I am forever a student.

5. Hey Ma – Dipset

It doesn’t matter the place or time. If this song comes on I’m rapping every bar. Another great storytelling song, it has always been one of my favourites. It influenced me to create effortless bars full of confidence. This song has so much swag.

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