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East London born and Essex hailing 19-year old Hip Hop artist and producer Kid Gospel is proud to debut his brand new EP titled Nu Skool. Featuring five exceptional new songs, which all highlight Kid Gospel’s exceptional growth and maturity since his seminal debut EP The Rising three years ago, the Nu Skool EP is co-produced by Kid Gospel himself, along with Dope Richy (BEV LDN), Atlanta-based collective Bocaj Crew and Juvenal Maze (The Team).

On his new EP, Kid Gospel flirts with progressive new sounds, while showcasing his much enhanced lyrical dexterity, a matured flow and vocal cadence that is well beyond his 19 years of age, to give listeners something quite different from the British norm. In his own words, the Nu Skool EP “is an insight of my life right now. From the first track you are being taken on a journey through my eyes, the way I see it, which can be a little bit abstract at times. I wanted to have fun with this EP and I can honestly say it’s my best body of work to date”.

From the captivating title track “Nu Skool” with which Gospel lays down his lyrical gauntlet, to the wavey-smooth sounding “Late Night Spliff”, an international collaboration with Atlanta rap collective Bocaj Crew, to the introspective curtain call “From The Heart”, which sees Kid Gospel, with his heart on his sleeves, waxing emotive and autobiographical about his 6-year journey in music, the Nu Skool EP is one of the best British Hip-Hop extended plays in recent months, clearly marks Kid Gospel out as one to watch out for in 2015.

Not content with only channelling his creativity through music, Kid Gospel officially launched his ‘We Be Fly’ clothing line in 2011, with the likes of rapper/actor Paigey Caikey donning his garms, and he will be launching his We Be Fly TV channel on YouTube next year, with the aim of promoting other young talent like himself. Having been frustrated by the difficulties he faced as a young teen to showcase his talent to a wider audience, Gospel remembers what it was like not to be able to get noticed, and is hoping to change that for young talent coming after him.

With two EPs and two mixtapes now under his belt, charting his six-year love affair with music from the tender age of thirteen, Kid Gospel is on a mission to take things up a notch as he homes in on a career-defining next few months, as we enter into 2015. As his Nu Skool EP solidifies his re-introduction to the music game, and with his undeterred passion for music and constant strides to perfect his craft, nothing can stop Kid Gospel – as he says on the EP opener, “I be doing this nine to nine [..] if I ain’t got music, I ain’t got nothing”.

Listen to Kid Gospel’s ‘Nu Skool’ EP here:

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