Having cosmetic procedures done used to be the kind of thing that was kept discreet. People didn’t talk about it much; it wasn’t very mainstream and it was almost a taboo subject. Well, times have changed and today cosmetic surgery has become normalised, making it much more common. If you have considered cosmetic surgery in the past but aren’t sure what procedure would be best for you, some offer more noticeable results than others. Here’s a look at five cosmetic procedures that will provide stunning results.

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When it comes to noticeable results, a facelift certainly delivers. The goal is to give you a fresh and youthful look and results can last up to 10 years so it’s not the kind of procedure you need to repeat often. A facelift will lift and tighten the muscles and the skin in your face, which smooths it out and helps to reduce and even eliminate sagging, jowls and wrinkles.

Wondering how much does a facelift cost? That comes down to the clinic and the procedure. Bella Vou Pantiles Clinic offers a Concept Facelift that boasts a quick recovery and natural-looking results. In terms of the facelift cost, you can book a free consultation to discuss what would be needed and get a quote on the procedure.

Another popular cosmetic procedure that will provide immediate results is breast augmentation. It’s important to note that breast augmentation doesn’t just refer to enlarging breasts; it can also involve making breasts appear asymmetrical, replacing a breast that has been removed or even addressing congenital micromastia which means the breasts didn’t ever develop.

Breast Reduction

On the flip side is breast reduction, which is a permanent solution. This one isn’t necessarily a cosmetic procedure since it can be performed for health issues. Large breasts can cause back, neck and shoulder pain, and they can negatively affect posture and cause other such issues.


If you want to achieve a smoother and thinner look, liposuction may be an option. This procedure involves removing fat from an area so you look slimmer.

The most common areas of the body to have liposuction on are: 1. The neck and chin 2. Abdomen 3. Buttocks 4. Thighs and hips 5. Upper arms 6. Back and chest

7. Ankles and calves

While this procedure has been around for quite some time now, it is important to point out that it does carry a certain amount of risk, so it’s important you meet the criteria of the “ideal patient”.

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Finally, we have rhinoplasty, which is cosmetic surgery on your nose. This surgery can address such issues as the size of the nose, the balance/shape of the nose, and it can fix a deviated septum.
If you are considering cosmetic surgery and are curious as to which will provide the most dramatic results, these five will certainly fit the bill. It comes down to your expectations, your budget, what kind of recovery you can handle and, of course, your health.

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