I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing! Half asleep… I reached for it, squinting down at the screen… ‘Unknown’ blared at me. Irritated that I had been woken up, I turned over and fell back to sleep. Unsure of how much time had passed by, the irritating sound of my phone disturbed my sleep again. This time ‘L’ was calling. Feeling a little frazzled, I wasn’t in the mood to talk. I silenced the call. I held off until the phone stopped ringing and then sent a text with my post code. He sent back the wink emoji? I grinned from ear to ear! Anticipating what would happen next, I couldn’t sleep. My heart was racing and my thoughts were in overdrive I knew exactly what I wanted. I got up and stood in front of the mirror. Naked of course, I couldn’t fall asleep any other way. I spun around a bit, just checking how I looked from the front and from the back. Hair laid neatly under my head scarf, I whipped off the scarf ruffled my fingers through my hair a little, attempting to look imperfect. I contemplated putting on makeup. Considering, I didn’t know how long he would be, the anxiety of getting caught was horrific. I settled with just brushing my teeth and keeping my bedroom light dim.

Car headlights flashed through my blinds… I rummaged for my sexiest night dress, stumbled over to the mirror to check myself then ran to the door.

His smile was completely infectious. I sighed then bit down on my lip. There was something about his aura, which made me emotionally weak every time I saw him.

He gave me that head tilt, bottom lip tugging rough kiss, I melted and he knew he had me. I reached for his hand and tugged him in the direction of my bedroom. He suggested a quick tour of my place, but I kindly rejected. I rested my index finger on his lips then replaced it with a kiss. Eager to deepen the connection, I clumsily unzipped his hoodie then went straight in for the straddle.

Head down to reveal his piece, I admired the curve. Still in the straddle position, I pulled my night dress up and over my head, so I was completely nude. Knowing that confidence is key, I put all anxiety to the back of my thoughts and seized the moment. I hovered over the centre, making sure to brush my face against his piece, I kissed around the pubic zone leading to his thigh. I could see he was enjoying the warmth from my breath, so I drew in closer massaging his balls with my hand. Then, strategically assigning the top of my tongue to caress the sweet spot. Slightly increasing the speed with intervals, I drew my tongue up and down, from the base to the tip. I was aiming to please and I needed to hear him moan. I pulled his arm up, asked him to sit on the edge of the bed and maneuvered him into position. Thinking back to what I had read on the ‘bad girls bible’, I went for the dip, peck and suck! I curled my lip under my teeth as I took the wettest mouthful. Peering directly in his eyes, on my knees, I worshiped all parts of his manhood. I used my palm to assist me to take a breath. then mumble ‘just having your… in my mouth makes me so wet’. His body stiffened and his grip on my back tightened. The moment I had been waiting for, my throat muscles were relaxed, I seized the opportunity and went in for the double deep throat.

The tip filled the top of my larynx, I moaned on the dick so he enjoyed the vibration.  Soaked from my saliva, I switched to the lips to fist motion to prevent my gag. Neck aching, I pulled back and used my hand to finish him off. He came with such pleasure and conviction I embraced the orgasm as though it was mine. I was satisfied and so was he. I didn’t let him hit, because I wanted him to come back.

Words : @XoshantsoX

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