Anja Kotar certainly continues to surprise and delight everyone with her quintessential, upbeat and sunshine dose of addictive pop that you simply cannot ignore. The latest instalment of her fresh and pure tracks is ‘Love Song’, a beautifully laid out ballad all about dreaming up her perfect and ideal partner in the future. It’s playful, tongue in cheek and Anja possesses an undeniable charm and wit about her lyrics, and her voice holds its own place in your mind too.

Since releasing ‘Simple’ at the back end of 2020, Anja sound has transcended through several further releases which have all been equally brilliant. She writes and records everything pretty much in isolation, creating a sound that is exciting and new. This San Jose born singer-songwriter certainly has all of the tools to be the next pop sensation, and ‘Love Song’ is another big stepping stone towards it.

Anja speaks on the making behind her latest release:

“With not much else to do during quarantine, I started watching a lot of films (mostly romantic comedies) and started fantasizing about the perfect meet-cute. I’m a huge romantic and I always envisioned love like in the movies – deep and authentic, finding your ‘the one’ person in the most magical, beautiful way. I started writing ‘Love Song’ as sort of my thesis on how I view love, how I one day hope it turns out for me.”

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