Published on 18th December 2015

Sports bras might not be the most comfortable to wear and in some cases feel slightly restrictive. You may even think “I have small breasts, I don’t need to wear one”, but when you are doing high impact exercise without one, you could be causing damage to the breast tissue.

The right support is also important in preventing sagging, stretch marks and tissue damage, especially when running. Sports bras have become more advanced with different collections pertaining to the sort of exercise and the amount of impact.

The sports bras we have suggested below are the best for higher impact exercise and will still keep your breasts looking shapely.

A/B New Balance The Shapely Shaper Bra £30 Features: Racerback and moulded cups to shape breasts. C/D Shock Absorber ultimate run sports bra -£38 Features: Clasps on upper and lower band, great support and ventilation, lightweight. D/DD Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer ii – £52 Features: Eliminates bounce to the very minimum, compression and moulded cups for more shapely breasts. Adjustable straps.

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