Even thou the venue was fully packed ! The event at Catch in Shoreditch looked like a huge success.

I still managed to catch my eye on a few fashion lookers – let’s just say, there were people who went all out last night at the music event, through their outfits!

Let’s have a look at a few, favourites!

We had the quirky look – Leather jackets seems to be completely in !

This young lady wore a crop halter neck top, with blue shorts, white trainers and her small top hat – Gotta love the nose ring thou.

The geeky boy look ! Loved the glasses, don’t know whether he actually uses them on a daily basis or just wore it for the ‘swag’ but definitely worked for him.

Denim jackets seem to always work, when going for the urban look.

The singer’s who performed that night also, caught Amor’s eye – In fact the two we picked, both went for the 90s look. The next one was definitely the favourite one !


The next performer wore a leather jacket, leather looking trousers, and black ray bans – if this doesn’t speak 90s to you, i don’t know what will !

Who do you guys think dressed the best that night ? Lets us know !

Words: Wardah Sempa 

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