When it comes to breakfast, myself and the rest of the Amor team are always after new ways to enjoy a healthy and quick start to the day. So when we discovered Breakfast By Bella, the granola company which promote breakfast on the go – and a healthy breakfast – we couldn’t wait to try it.

This granola is vegan friendly and made with organic ingredients from within the UK. It currently comes in three flavours; Nutty Nosh, Cacao Crazy and Peanut Butter Me Up.

Peanut Butter Me Up

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A favourite in the Amor office is this flavour, mostly because it tastes great and has very few ingredients, in fact only 4! It tastes exactly like peanut butter and works well with yogurt, on top of smoothies or just out of the bag.

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Cacao Crazy

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In need of a chocolate kick? Then look no further, this granola made with cacao gives a dark chocolate flavouring to your breakfast. It’s healthy and it’s chocolate, what’s not to love? This one works well in baking to give your bakes a chocolate twist.

Nutty Nosh

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Who says you have to eat granola with yogurt? The great thing about this brand is that their granola is so flexible and able to be mixed in with other ingredients to make something unique.

This granola contains whole nuts and cinnamon flavourings mixed into an oat mixture. Which means it goes perfectly with chocolate of course!

Try Breakfast by Bella for yourself! Check out the online shop now and grab a bag for yourself.

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