23-year-old Manchester artist Bugzy Malone has spent the last few years building a strong and loyal fan-base and is now set to cut through the crop of UK rappers with the release of his unique mixtape: ‘The Journal of an Evil Genius.’

Watch the first video ‘Serial Killer’ here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I81il4gE09U

Speaking about the mixtape Bugzy states: “I approached the record under the guise of my Evil Genius’ alias, and the story is a true documentation of my life from childhood to present day.”

Musically, ‘Journal of an Evil Genius’ is highly personal and almost self-therapeutic. Through this unique project, Bugzy draws us into his world of family issues, depression, crime, and love.

The tape’s production is kept suitably varied, ranging from classic hip hop and R&B, to more modern Grime-esque 808 driven beats – overseen by young starlet producer Ali Karim.

Bugzy has linked with filmmaker and graphic designer Mute, pushing boundaries in order to truly portray the ‘evil’ darkness of his story.  From January 27th, six soap opera-esque videos will be released weekly; a mini-horror movie that follows the Evil Genius on a mission of revenge.

Download the mixtape and buy T Shirts from www.thebugzymaloneshow.co.uk

Twitter: @TheBugzyMalone

FB: www.facebook.com/TheBugzyMaloneShow

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