Published on 25th January 2018

CreatHers: Network to Opportunities

Date: Sat 3rd March 2018 Time 12-4pm Address:: We Heart Mondays, Hackney Wick, London

Tickets available from here.

This event is for female professionals, entrepreneurs and businesswomen who want to network and collaborate with likeminded individuals. Tickets are limited so book your space now.

The Agenda
12pm – doors open 12:30pm – workshop (vision board party recap and workshop) 1:30pm – break 2:00pm – industry panel discussion and Q & A 3:30pm – networking

4:00pm – event ends

The start of the workshop will be a vision board recap. The workshop itself will be a physical and interactive workshop to help you build upon your networks and create valuable opportunites from people you know.

The networking section will consist of complimentary refreshments. There will also be vendors selling products so bring your dosh so that you don’t miss out on the goodies.

Industry Panel Discussion
There will be reputable guest speakers deriving from the creative sector who will provide their personal career advice as well as tips and tricks on how to transform your network into viable opportunities for your own success.

Guest speakers to be announced.

Keep updated with updates on the event by following:


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