Maintaining a healthy head of hair after years of dye, heat and styling that has been applied to it can be a difficult task in itself. We have complied some top tips that can help you keep your hair looking sleek and silky!

Many known tips for maintaining healthy hair are:

  • A Balanced Diet
  • Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often
  • Condition Your Hair Regularly
  • Avoid Using Hair Colour (where possible)
  • Supplementation
  • Try Hair Packs That are Natural
  • Use protecting products

Lee Stafford are amongst many brands that produce products to help you protect your hair whilst allowing you to still apply heat and colour.

Their new range called ‘HAIR APOLOGY’ is now available to purchase from all Boots stores across the UK.

It’s a five-piece repair collection that works to restore hair that has reached breaking point from heat damage, colour processing and over styling. The range includes:

It’s taken a lot of cues from skincare and contains some unusual formats such as power shot capsules in a jar that you twist open and apply like a serum. It’s amazingly restorative with some gorgeous ingredients such as exotic Capuaçu Seed Butter to restore hair elasticity, Cacao Seed Butter to heal and soften, while vitamin E, Aloe Vera and sunflower extract deeply nourish hair from within.

‘HAIR APOLOGY‘ range by Lee Stafford from £8.49

It’s been formulated with sustainably sourced vegetarian and vegan friendly ingredients that leaves hair sleek, soft and strong from the very first use.

Now we all have the ability to continue keeping our hair healthy and smooth!

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