Brand Simply Be have researched whether women find that having the wrong size bra affects confidence. According to Simply Be’s findings this is in fact true.

55% of women that were surveyed said that well-fitting lingerie gives their confidence a big boost. However according to Simply Be a quarter of women never measure themselves or get professionally measured, which could mean they’re wearing the wrong size and therefore could be affecting their confidence.

Simply Be’s Lingerie buyer Lollie Todd says, “Although many women don’t get measured, nearly half (43%) of them are buying new lingerie every 3-6 months, so there could be an awful lot of ill-fitting bras out there, hindering women from feeling at peak condition.” Lollie continues, “At Simply Be we’ve always known there was a connection between great fitting and lingerie and body confidence. We want to encourage all women to love their bodies and look after themselves.”

Many retailers now do free fittings and you can find measuring guides online, so finding the right size has never been easier! Simply Be offers the latest fashion in sizes 12-32 and lingerie in back sizes 30-50 and sizes A-K.

Here at Amor we think every women should feel confident in themselves as everyone is beautiful and unique in their own ways. And if getting properly fitted and measured correctly for lingerie could help improve confidence isn’t it worth it? Let us know what you think!

Words: Sammy Jane

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