In a previous post we said that we would be grabbing or copy of Mide’s album, and we can gladly declare that this album is epitome of British Soul music. This music takes you on journey, whether you are on a crowded train on the way to work plugging in this album through your headphones is a form of escapism as you forget about your hectic surroundings and are transported to place of tranquillity.

Winter is over and spring is here, did I hear spring cleaning? If you are at home and are engaging in spring cleaning the upbeat melodic song ‘Any Which Way’ will make the task at hand fly by. Mide has clearly immersed himself into this album; the quality of his music reflects this.

The soft yet rugged tone in his voice captivates you as he sings about the trials and tribulation of life. The greatest thing about the album is that there is song that everyone can relate to, so we suggest you grab a copy. The album is out March 31st 2014 and is worth the buy; he has been described as “Fresh, uplifting, spirited, soul-filled.” by the likes of Soul Culture, if they can appreciate his talent then we definitely can.



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