A campervan holiday is the perfect way to explore the UK. You can drive around different areas and stop off at quaint countryside villages along the way. Head to Scotland for a wild adventure holiday or take some time to relax in the rolling Yorkshire Dales.

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Packing for a campervan holiday can be a little more difficult. You need to bring your essentials and kitchen equipment, sleeping gear, cleaning supplies and much more. There is a lot to remember, so we compiled a handy list for you to follow.


Think about the meals you want to cook on your trip and bring the appropriate equipment. You will need travel pots, utensils, glassware, cutlery, plates and storage containers. You could make a meal plan before you set off, so you know what you need in the supermarket. You will have limited storage space in your campervan kitchen. Find meals that use similar ingredients and minimal kitchen equipment.


You might need to plan a few of your routes ahead of time. A campervan isn’t always suited to winding country lanes. Try to make a rough plan of your route on the day so you can avoid any tricky predicaments.

Sleeping gear

You want to be as comfortable as possible on your campervan trip. Bring bedding, blankets and pillows to make a cosy nest inside the van. Think about the weather on your trip and pack accordingly. In the summer, you might find a light blanket and pillow is more than enough.


Bring some cleaning supplies to keep the campervan clean and sanitised. Hygiene is especially important these days, with the pandemic still looming around. Make sure you have the right cleaning supplies for the campervan toilet as well.


You need your driving license, parking details and insurance papers to hand. If you aren’t parked on a camping site, you may need a wild camping permit in some areas. Invest in campervan insurance – just in case anything goes wrong, and you need a security net.


Electronics are pretty essential nowadays. Your GPS is probably on your phone or a digital device. You need charging cables for each device so you can stay connected. Bring spare batteries for your handheld torch just in case you need it. If you are travelling with kids, you could also bring a handheld gaming system to entertain them throughout long drives. Electronics might not fit into your ideal campervan holiday image – but they can be such a lifesaver!

It’s important to prepare for your campervan holiday, especially when it comes to health and safety. Kit your van out with all the essentials so you can relax when you’re away.    

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