Faithlyn has released a brand new track ‘Soulmates’. The singer speaks of betrayal, self-reflection, toxicity and true love over the new record ‘Soulmates’. The track exposes the disastrous feel toxic love creates and sees Faithlyn explaining in detail, the emotional pain she went through. 

‘Soulmates’ is relatable for listeners, as many people have had unhealthy love which they wanted to last forever. Produced by Luther Wong, Faithlyn creates her narrative over a darkened, hazy beat. The echoed instrumental mirrors Faithlyn’s battle with her thoughts.

Faithlyn’s love for pop, trap, and hip-hop is poured onto her music. The diverse musical experience makes her stand out. Be sure to check out ‘Soulmates’. Raised in Malaysia, bred in Singapore and NYC, Faithlyn is a Berklee College of Music graduate that loves pop, trap, and hip hop. Her vision is to revolutionize dark pop and pop trap. 

Make sure to listen to her latest track below:

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