Elisé has released a brand new track entitled, ‘Back To Life’. Produced by Jukebox (Alicia Keys, Willow Smith, Zendaya), the track is centered around a heart monitor beep that ebbs and flows through Elisé’s words, as she relapses between ‘life’ and ‘death’. A pounding beat, peppered percussion and the singer-songwriter’s velvety vocals fuse to create a rhythm that is powerful and raw and perfectly translates the poignant message behind the lyrics.

“Back to Life was a song that I co-wrote in the midst of leaving a toxic relationship” Elisé explains. “While I was recording abroad in Sweden, I found out that someone I had been dating for over 5 years had been cheating on me and had fallen in love with someone else. In the interim of processing this heartbreak and although he was undeserving, I had drug-like relapses of wanting to spend time with and be around him. Even when I finally came to terms and began to mentally check out, the comfort of routine and familiarity meant more than my self-respect and pride at that particular moment in time. I didn’t want to feel like a zombie, so the familiarity of being around him made me feel like I was somewhat normal. This song is about exactly that. Even if it’s not true love, let’s do it for the feeling of it”.

Multi-faceted Elisé, whose real name is Jenaé Rachelle Williams, was born in San Jose before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. It wasn’t long before Capitol Records discovered her and signed her, which also led to her featuring in an array of major motion pictures under the alias Ms. Williams. After she co-founded an independent music label, 4K2D Records Inc, in 2019, she re-introduced herself to the world as Elisé with two new songs in tow, ‘Wake Up’ and ‘No Lie’, collectively racking up over 3 million views on Youtube and  230k + streams on Spotify. A self-proclaimed tomboy, Elisé grew up making music with her two brothers Justin and Jason, who would make her write and recite a rap verse before letting her into their room. Developing a passion for hip-hop, jazz and pop from such a young age allowed her to explore alternating genres, and she has co-written and featured on tracks with dance and electronica giants such as Diplo, LAXX and Boys Noize. With acclaim from The Hollywood Reporter, The FADER and Pure Dope, she looks set to be pop’s next big sensation.

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