Review Of Honky Tonk, Chelsea

First thing first at Honky Tonk: Bring your appetite; you are sure going to need it!

With two branches, one in Clapham Common (pictured) and one in Chelsea, Honky Tonk, West London is the perfect find. The term ‘Honky Tonk’ is an American term commonly given to a loud, rowdy bar packed with good food and great entertainment. Now although this restaurant goes by the same name, the concept is a little different. The restaurant had a rock and roll feel to it, along with the waitresses dressed in their short shorts and t-shirts, I definitely felt as though I was dining in downtown New York and if you’re craving American food, look no further.

The venue is small yet spaced out into a bar and restaurant. Going along with their rock and roll theme, the décor and table accessories reflect their American heritage. With exposed brickwork, framed quotes and their very own authentic Honky Tonk house rules stencilled on the wall. Honky Tonk is full of American Flavour and British Behaviour. The restaurant seemed a popular haunt for regulars in the area. It was reasonably packed both at the bar and restaurant. However not as loud and rowdy as their name suggests which is a good thing when you are trying to tuck into some seriously good food.

With their all American menu, full of Beef, Burgers, Ribs, Hotdogs and their signature “not fried chicken”; not to mention their vast range of drinks and Milkshakes, it proved hard NOT to fall for Honky Tonk.

We dived straight in with the main course, which became harder to choose from the more we looked at the menu. Naturally I went for the ‘not fried chicken’ burger with Rosemary Chips and a side of Macaroni and Cheese.  If you’re going to go American, Go big!


They did not disappoint. One thing about American food is that they come in American sizes. The burger looked and tasted amazing, with melted Chilli cheese, Guacamole, baby gem & Tomato. The chicken was crispy and tender. It was better than actual fried chicken because the seasoning and flavours were able to come through better. Accompanied by the rosemary hips and the side of Macaroni and Cheese. This was Heaven. There wasn’t much rosemary coming through on the chips and the Macaroni wasn’t the best I’ve had but put together, it was great. There wasn’t much room for anything else but I did manage the Mississippi Mud Pie (pictured). This was A-MA-ZING! It was rich a gooey topped off with a hot chocolate sauce and cream.

Washed down with a mint chocolate chip milkshake. It was a wrap! As much as I wanted to steal the whole menu in the goodie bag, my tummy had shut it’s doors for the night.

All the menu is relatively priced with the average price of the Starters are £6-£8, Main Meals from £9-£12, Desserts from £5.95 and Drinks (non alcoholic) See Menu, Alcoholic- See Bar

Before we left we did have room for a cocktail at the bar, we asked the bartender for something fruity, and she advised us on a cocktail called “Summer in Marseille” which wasn’t actually on the menu. This very delicious and fruity cocktail was made with Grey Goose Vodka, Raspberry Liquor, Pineapple juice and shavings of Sugar on top.

If you really feel like splashing out, Honky Tonk is home to the world’s most expensive burger. Priced at £1,100, the ‘Glam Burger’ is one hell of a beef burger. Made up of minced beef and venison, built with black truffle Brie, bacon, lobster, caviar, a smoked duck egg all topped with gold leaf. One the side is a mango and champagne jus with grated white truffle.

With the ingredients sourced from Japan to New Zealand. This burger has to be one for the bucket list.

 Words: Monique Haase

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